Maggon the Fire-Breathing Dragon 

Well...what can we say about our dragon? This beautiful creation was actually a daydream of ours when we first viewed the property.

However, we never actually thought one day we would be doing it for real!

Here are the most commonly asked questions about our dragon.



When we viewed the tower for the first time, I was just captivated by the fairytale look of it. I made a joke to Guy about it needing a dragon to protect us from enemies and it kind of went from there.

Also, as a huge fan of children's literature and illustrations, I had always wanted to have an original piece of fantasy artwork. So, what better way than to have a 7 foot masterpiece to welcome us home every day and of course, protect us from enemies!

What is he made from?

Maggon is made from a giant redwood tree that had naturally fallen. He weighs approximately 120kg, but will get lighter as he continues to dry out and stick to his healthy diet. His colouring will also change as the wood dries and weathers.


Did you make him?

The original plan was to make him ourselves, however, when we met Simon O'Rourke and saw what he was able to create, we happily passed the task onto him and his trusty chainsaws. Guy then engineered the fire-breathing aspect.

Simon is a local artist who has created multiple well-known carvings including; The Dragon of Bethesda and a unique creation to house the actual dragon eggs from the hit series Game of Thrones.

Simon can be found on all social media platforms and on his website here:

Does he really breath fire?



Does the doorbell actually make the dragon breath fire?

It can do! However, we made the decision to keep Maggon the dragon as environmentally friendly as a fire-breathing dragon can be, and limit his bursts using our own control box to avoid over use and accidents!

Why have you called him Maggon?

The name actually comes from a song I used to sing as a little girl. It is pretty much unknown, but I loved it and now, as a mum, I sing it with my own little girl. The song pretty much tells the story of Maggon as a bad-tempered dragon who eats way too much and then cannot sleep. If you look closely at our own Maggon, you will see he has a little pot-belly to reflect how greedy he is!

Are you mad?